VigilAir Drone

Drone countermeasures with our anti-UAV defense system

VigilAir Drone

Drone-based system enhancement
expands coverage, Improves accuracy
and improves geolocation of drone operators

Airborne sensor
mounted on
a COTS drone
Flexible and

VigilAir Drone is a state-of-the-art, drone mounted sensor
to improve coverage and accuracy

After initial drone detection in a monitored area, VigilAir Drone can be scrambled to expand the system’s coverage and improve its sensitivity and accuracy. With its drone-mounted RF sensor, VigilAir Drone works together with VigilAir’s ground-based sensors and the Command & Control Center to improve the system’s overall accuracy and coverage, pinpointing the commercial drone’s remote-control transmission origin in real-time and enabling a better geolocation of the drone operator.

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