Airport & Aircraft Safety

Wide coverage accurate drone situational awareness

A proven solution to a modern problem

Airports are re-thinking the concepts of Air Traffic Control to effectively mitigate unintentional misuse and malicious acts via drone operations in restricted areas. VigilAir provides unmatched benefits to airports and aircraft safety.

Increasing airport & aircraft safety and security
Complete drone
aerial situational
Increased aircraft
and passenger safety
Fewer airport
shutdowns / revenue
Extendable range to
include aircraft
approach path
Recurring event
prevention through
apprehension & drone

Commercial Drone Operations & UAS Traffic Management (UTM)

Full situational awareness of cooperative / non-cooperative drones

Eclipses all other systems

With the commercial drone market growing rapidly, cities, countries and states seek robust systems that facilitate drone operation beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). VigilAir provides unparalleled benefits to commercial drone operations and UTM realizing a secondary fail-safe system for drone situational awareness

Fully comprehensive Solution
Robust and reliable
drone intelligence
Beyond visual line of site,
GPS and network

Critical Infrastructure Protection & Perimeter Defense

Extending security and defence to sites’ airspace

Full Spatial Protection

The advent of drones has transformed the perimeter defense paradigm from ground based only to 3D overall protection. Security personnel at Critical National Infrastructure locations, military bases, sensitive sites, critical assets, borders, prisons, public events’ venues and many other facilities are changing their approach to perimeter defense. VigilAir provides extensive benefits to critical infrastructure and perimeter defense.

Stop drone incursions at sensitive sites
Extended protection
into the 3rd dimension
Reaches beyond the
facility physical
Minimize interruption to
site operations – save money
on security operations and
site manufacturing/regular
Recurring event prevention
through operator
apprehension & drone

HLS / Military Solution

Deployable and fixed anti-drone systems

A fully comprehensive solution to rogue drones in military environments

Terrorist groups are using off-the-shelf drones to orchestrate complex terror attacks. This poses a direct threat to the lives and security of troops, bases, convoys and borders. VigilAir provides unrivalled benefits to the military segment.

Detecting, geolocating and mitigating
Extends mobile and
coverage to adapt to
dynamic force
accuracy data feed
for c4ISR and weapon
Protects fixed
facilities beyond
physical perimeter
Real-time, low latency
information for
immediate action
zero false alarms


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