Vorpal’s Technology

Rise above the noise to find the signal

A technology-focused company with years of experience in
designing and realizing advanced signal processing solutions

Proven ability to design, realize and deploy advanced, highly accurate geolocation solutions
In-house proprietary and unique knowledge
Strong foundation in realizing advanced physics and mathematics in SIGINT solutions

Optimal integration of hardware and software
for best-of-breed RF-based geolocation solutions

Vorpal’s offering is based on the unique knowledge and experience of a dedicated team of elite intelligence
unit and defense industry veterans. Leveraging comprehensive experience to successfully design and field SIGINT, MASINT and TELINT solutions, the team’s expertise rests solidly on in-house signal analysis tools and know-how,
with deep knowledge in Geolocation, DF, TDOA, FDOA, sensor fusion, optimization and advanced algorithms.

Passed multiple lab,
field and operational
Proven sensitivity,
accuracy, precision
and throughput
Unique, high quality aerial
intelligence feed
Real-time drone
situational awareness

Technology. From the ground -up.

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